Origami Cupcake Liners

At Chronicle Books, I designed this Origami Square Cupcake Liner kit when the design director asked the fellow to pitch products that could be a "clever container."


Chronicle Books


Illustrator, Photoshop, digital camera, x-acto knife, cutting mat, cake, paper


I researched different origami techniques to see what could be contained in them. The concept combines baking and packaging with more user interaction. The liners provide bakers with a packaging material to make their cupcakes more beautiful, while the origami kit also provides a fun experience that makes their cupcakes feel more personal.

Final Prototype

cupcake_2 cupcake_2 cupcake_3 cupcake_4 cupcake_5

Instructions are provided on the interior of the kit packaging to make it more durable and harder to lose.


Liners have guidelines to make it easier for users to follow the instructions.


To implement this idea, I found origami instructions that would fit this purpose, and designed my own set of instructions along with the packaging for the kit liners. I designed the liner patterns and created guidelines to make it easier to fold. For the cover of the kit, I used my liners and some cake to take photos of what the end product would look like.